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  1. [...] and Theory (London: Hyphen Press, 1996; reprinted 2007 but now out of print)—and Detail in Typography was reissued in English in an updated version in 2009 by Hyphen Press. An overview of Hochuli’s [...]

  2. [...] on Northwest, but the signage problem would be the same for any airline. It’s all about, as I keep saying, [...]

  3. [...] Easily Amused added an interesting post today on Detail in typographyHere’s a small readingWhen I read through the new edition of Jost Hochuli’s Detail in typography , I found myself wondering, “Have I really learned anything about type in the last twenty years?” Most of the points I find myself making to people over and over again can be found in these pages, organized and explained more clearly than by any other writer I know. A large part of what Hochuli says can be summed up (inadequately) in the aphorism I keep repeating: typography is all about space. Detail in typography [...]

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