2 Responses to “Designing digital books”

  1. John Berry says:

    Neil — But in a matter of decades, the introduction of printing made a geometric increase in the number of books available. It’s really quite incredible; I didn’t realize, until I studied the history of printing, just how truly revolutionary it was. The numbers are staggering.

    Of course, well, “shake out.” Printing kept developing for a very long time; the idea of combining roman and italic types together as complementary forms, even in the same line, didn’t arrive until sometime in the 16th century, in France. And being a printer there, at that time, could be a decidedly dangerous occupation; the country was riven by religious wars, and the printed word was one of the front lines. It’s useful to remember that it’s not just about the technology.

  2. Neil in Chicago says:

    The #1 thing I tell people about the electronic information world is, “It’s earlier than you think. It took the printing press two hundred years to shake out.” We’re nowhere through the incunabula stage yet.

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