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Cornish Spring 2015

Focus: multi-page documents & the grid system.

Required text: Josef Müller-Brockmann, Grid systems in graphic design: A visual communication manual for graphic designers, typographers and three dimension designers. The best, most thorough, and most rigorous explanation of the grid system of page design, with numerous specific examples.

Recommended additional text: Jan Middendorp, Shaping text. Possibly the best currently available overview of how typography works, with lots of examples.

A useful resource for using InDesign: Olav Martin Kvern, David Blatner, & Bob Bringhurst, Real World InDesign CC (or any earlier edition of Real World InDesign, though they might lack some features of the most recent InDesign versions). Direct, conversational, occasionally funny, and very practical guidance in using InDesign’s many features, including type.

Syllabus & course outlines:

Download the syllabus:
Type2-syllabus-JDB-Spring-2015 (PDF, 66KB)

Download the outline for DE262-01:
DE262-01 Typography 2 outline (PDF, 168KB)

Download the outline for DE262-03:
DE262-03 Typography 2 outline (PDF, 168KB)

Revised syllabus (3/4/15):
Type2-syllabus-JDB-Spring-2015 (PDF, 58KB)

Fonts for blad

Choose one of these type families for the text in your blad. For display (titles, etc.), you have free choice.

From Adobe Font Folio Essentials:
Adobe Jenson Pro Opticals
Chaparral Pro Opticals
Garamond Premier Pro Opticals
Myriad Pro
Univers LT Std

Microsoft fonts shipped with Windows or Office:

Source Sans Pro

PDF from André Mora’s talk on Monday, Feb. 9: