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John D. Berry

Book designer

Typographic consultant

Design writer

I’ve been practicing typography – the art of designing with type – for more than forty years, as well as writing and editing books about typography and design. My attention has always been focused on content, especially long-form text. What I do is ergonomic typography – type you can read.

Book & editorial design

Selected clients:

  • Copper Canyon Press
  • Mark Batty Publisher
  • Microsoft ART
  • Marquand Books
  • Tachyon Publications
  • Small Beer Press
  • Family Violence Prevention Fund

Typographic consulting

Selected clients:

  • Amazon (Door No. 3)
  • Amazon (Tectonic)
  • Google Docs
  • Type Network
  • Adobe | InDesign advisory board
  • Microsoft
  • Academy of American Poets

Writing about design & type

Selected writing:

  • The faces of Microsoft (TYPE magazine)
  • Jack the printer (Letterpress Archive)
  • ATypI: the early years
  • Adobe Originals
  • ATF Collection
  • Contemporary newspaper design
Fontcast interview (TypeCon DC)
Revisiting the onscreen page (ATypI São Paulo)
Future of reading (Sprint beyond the book)
Borderlands: When a Book Is Both Image- and Text-Driven (PPN Berkeley)
U&lc: in-your-face typography (QVED)

John D. Berry is responsible for the superb design of Content. The downloadable PDF of the entire book will give you a sense of just how hand-turned, artisanal and deliciously smart the interiors of this book are.

Cory Doctorow

Hardly anybody knows what typography is, whom it serves, how it works. With the exception of John Berry.

Erik Spiekermann

One of the best design writers and editors of the past decade.

Roger Black

His writing is truly engrossing. I should have wiped my reddened eyes and stopped reading him, but I just couldn’t.

Bruce Sterling

If you have a project you need help on, or a book to be designed, or you just want some typographic advice, please get in touch.

+1 4152039306