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  1. […] John D. Berry’s (@johndberry) trip report. […]

  2. John Berry says:

    Absolutely. But that’s the secondary purpose, and it’s easily fulfilled; the primary purpose is to identify individuals, and to do so from a distance, so you can remind yourself of someone’s name if you can’t think of it at the moment, or identify someone you’ve never met but wanted to. The name should take up three-quarters of the nametag; the branding should be confined to the remaining quarter.

    Strangely, for designers, we keep ending up with nametags that value form over function.

  3. Christopher Slye says:

    Sorry about the nametags, John. I’ll point out something that doesn’t occur to most people: The nametags are also important for staff to identify attendees and to ensure only the right people have access to presentations, events. etc. For this, they proved very effective!

    Great to see you there. Glad you enjoyed it.

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