5 Responses to “TypeCon surges ahead”

  1. Scott Boms says:

    John – from the “three guys with hats” – thanks for a great writeup! I can safely say from the three of us that we all very much enjoyed your talk and were furiously nodding our heads in agreement. As someone who has a keen interest in the future of the book (the McLuhan reference in our talk was not remotely coincidental), I think you touched on a lot of important points and the web designer in me was very pleased to see you specifically call out Ethan Marcotte’s principles of “responsive web design” which, while likely not the future in and of itself, is very much helping steer the ship in the right direction.

  2. John Berry says:

    Joe –

    Must try harder.


  3. Joe Clark says:

    John, I wish you would strive to be more prepared at conferences. You should be able to comfortably sit in the audience to watch the presentation before yours.

    I say this because you managed to flub your introduction of me at ATypI Brighton two ways, once by not having bothered to prepare and again by reading the wrong person’s intro.

    Can’t you try harder?

  4. Jill Bell says:

    Great review, over view. I loved the conference and the city. Thanks John.

  5. Chris Lozos says:

    Thanks for a great write-up, John!


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