2 Responses to “Ikea Verdanarama”

  1. Odalchini says:

    Yes, Verdana is good onscreen, specially at sensible sizes. People with reading difficulties tell me that sans-serif typefaces are generally more readable than serif faces. Now, why is this blog formatted in 8pt Georgia…?

  2. MediaMentions says:

    Not every day that Ikea makes the news, but from a bit of research, I found this article here that I’m sure you’ll find most useful. http://www.pressdisplay.com/pressdisplay/showlink.aspx?bookmarkid=8D82BTSBGFK7&preview=article&linkid=a9cc4b19-bc66-4671-b138-70140f769c60&pdaffid=ZVFwBG5jk4Kvl9OaBJc5%2bg%3d%3d


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