Biographical Note

John Berry usually describes himself as an editor & typographer — reflecting his care for both the meaning of words and how they are presented. He is a past president of ATypI (Association Typographique Internationale) and the former editor and publisher of U&lc (Upper & lower case). He writes, speaks, and consults extensively on typography, and he has won numerous awards for his book designs. He has written and edited several books, including Language culture type: international type design in the age of Unicode (ATypI/Graphis, 2002), Contemporary newspaper design: shaping the news in the digital age (Mark Batty Publisher, 2004), and U&lc: influencing design & typography (Batty, 2005). He has been a program manager on the Fonts team at Microsoft, where he established improved typographic standards for Windows and other Microsoft products. He is Director of the Scripta Typographic Institute. He has taught typography and design at Cornish College of the Arts. He lives in Seattle with the writer Eileen Gunn.


525 19th Avenue East
Seattle WA 98112
mobile: (415) 203-9306
john [at] johndberry [dot] com
typographer [at] earthlink [dot] net

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